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"My students have learned so much so quickly with Daily Grammar Practice. It's consistent and structured..."
"Our teachers are still talking about your workshop and how awesome it was..."

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Interactive versions of our Daily Grammar, Reading, and Spelling Practice teacher and student books are now available! Once downloaded, books can be accessed only within the app. To order the app, follow one of these two links. Please note that you will be leaving the DGP Publishing website and ordering through a third party.


DGP Plus: Building Stronger Writers

This book contains innovative writing activities and strategies for applying grammar concepts to writing. DGP Plus is appropriate for all grade levels and ability levels.

DGP Plus Sample Material

Burnette Writing Process - Grades 6-12

• For each writing assignment, students work on a few specific focus skills in the following categories: content, organization, style, conventions, format, and challenge.

• Focus skills can be individualized to meet the needs of each and every student.

• Innovative and interactive writing lessons help students to hone their focus skills and understand the complexities of writing.

• For each final draft, students self-assess, reflect, and annotate to demonstrate their understanding of each focus skill.

• Because students truly understand the skills, they continue to use them automatically even after moving on to new skills.

• The use of focus skills and annotation almost completely eliminates plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty.

• Teacher's guide includes focus skill descriptors, lessons for teaching different skills, reproducible rubrics and progress charts, and more.

• Grading takes less time--while feedback is more meaningful--because teachers respond to and assess only the focus skills.

Burnette Writing Process

Focused Writing: An Elementary Writing Process - Grades K-8

• Researched-based writing process.

• Teacher guide contains 36 writing assignments for grades K-8.

• Assignments are divided into three skills levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced (total of 108 different assignments).

• Assignments cover a wide range of writing genres.

• Each assignment consists of five parts: assignment overview, author and audience, form, procedure, and suggested focus skills.

• Each writing assignment takes the students through six steps of the writing process: prewriting, writing the first draft, revising, editing/proofreading, assessing, and publishing.

• For each writing assignment, students work on a few specific skills, called focus skills, in the following categories: content, organization, style, conventions, format, and challenge.

• The use of focus skills helps students improve their writing one skill at a time so they are not overwhelmed by the writing process.

• Writing assignments can be as individualized as needed.

• The self-assessment rubric allows students to look at their own writing, evaluate it, comment on it, and learn from it.

• Teacher guide contains over sixty mini-lessons to help build the skills necessary to become a proficient writer.

• Teacher guide contains samples and reproducibles that are needed to implement the program.

• Teacher guide contains descriptors of 45 focus skills used in the process.

Focused Writing Sample Material

Writing Starts: Writing Ideas and Story Starters from A to Z

Looking for ideas for daily journal writing, topics related to units of study, or spontaneous writing activities? This book offers a list of 850 topics plus idea-inspiring picture cards. Topics range from serious to absolutely silly and are appropriate for all grade levels.

Writing Starts Sample Material

Classroom Publishing 101

This easy-to-follow book includes everything you need to plan and execute a meaningful publishing project for students of any age. Motivate and inspire your students with authentic audiences, real-life applications, and cross-curricular experiences.

Classroom Publishing 101 Sample