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Reading Comprehension

Daily Reading Practice for Grades 1-10

Students work with one reading selection each week. They study that selection each day and complete such tasks as identifying subject and purpose on Monday, engaging in word study on Tuesday, making inferences and relating to prior knowledge on Wednesday, creating graphic organizers and skimming on Thursday, and writing summaries on Friday.

Each level of Daily Reading Practice contains 30 high-interest reading selections with related questions and assignments. Selections cover a variety of subject areas and prepare students to handle passages on standardized tests. Student "help pages" provide useful information about everything from root words to literary techniques to summarizing skills. Students can complete the short, daily reviews with or without workbooks.

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Daily Reading Practice Samples

Grade 1 Sample Materials

Grade 2 Sample Materials

Grade 3 Sample Materials

Grade 4 Sample Materials

Grade 5 Sample Materials

Grade 6 Sample Materials

Grade 7 Sample Materials

Grade 8 Sample Materials

Grade 9 Sample Materials

Grade 10 Sample Materials

Reading Plus: Building Stronger Readers

Reading Plus Sample Materials

Cross-curricular activites help students understand what they read. Easy-to-follow directions make these strategies both teacher and student friendly.

You Can Picture It

The You Can Picture It series presents a creative way to use student-generated illustrations to help improve reading comprehension. Each book contains reproducible stories, nonfiction articles, or poems for grades one through five. Students illustrate and summarize the text as they learn to

- understand that reading is a process of seeking meaning
- make predictions from text content
- reread if the meaning is not clear
- discuss literature with others
- distinguish fact from opinion or fiction
- summarize text content
- identify and use chronological order
- identify and use cause and effect
- recognize words ith multiple meanings
- connect new information to prior knowlege
- use information in text to draw conclusions
- use self-monitoring and self-correcting strategies
- identify the main idea and supporting details of a text
- understand the structue and organization of a book
- recognize plot, setting, and characters of a story
- recognize and understand poetic devices
- make deductions about text
- identify problems and solutions in a story
- understand literal and figurative language
- evaluate their own work
- evaluate the work of others

Fiction Sample Material

Nonfiction Sample Material

Poetry Sample Material