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"I have been a teacher for sixteen years, and this is the best grammar program I have ever seen..."
"Daily Grammar Practice accomplishes something no other grammar program has been able to accomplish..."
"I really think Daily Grammar Practice is going to revolutionize the way kids understand grammar."
"It is amazing and fun to watch my students with Daily Grammar Practice..."
"My students are taking to Daily Grammar Practice like ducks to water! ..."
"My students have learned so much so quickly with Daily Grammar Practice. It's consistent and structured..."
"Our teachers are still talking about your workshop and how awesome it was..."

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DGP English for Grades 1 - 12

We provide you with plenty of samples for you to review and determine that the DGP materials are perfect for you and your students! For each grade, we provide you a teacher's guide sample and a student workbook sample. Have a look!

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Grades 1 - 12 Samples:

Grade 1 Sample Materials

Grade 2 Sample Materials

Grade 3 Sample Materials

Grade 4 Sample Materials

Grade 5 Sample Materials

Grade 6 - 1st Edition Samples

Grade 6 - 2nd Edition Samples

Grade 7 - 1st Edition Samples

Grade 7 - 2nd Edition Samples

Grade 8 - 1st Edition Samples

Grade 8 - 2nd Edition Samples

Grade 9 - 1st Edition Samples

Grade 9 - 2nd Edition Samples

Grade 10 - 1st Edition Samples

Grade 10 - 2nd Edition Samples

Grade 11 - 1st Edition Samples

Grade 11 - 2nd Edition Samples

Grade 12 - 1st Edition Samples

Grade 12 - 2nd Edition Samples